NI Gas Network Operator Biomethane Request for Information

Northern Ireland’s Gas Network Operators (GNOs) – Mutual Energy, GNI (UK), Phoenix Energy, firmus energy and Evolve – have jointly launched a collaborative Request for Information for potential biomethane producers and potential waste feedstock suppliers.

The GNOs are seeking information from potential biomethane producers to inform network planning and allow operators to prepare for the introduction of biomethane into the NI Gas Network, facilitating decarbonisation and the longer-term transition to a net zero carbon gas network.

NI’s GNOs invite responses from both prospective biomethane producers and current biogas producers who may consider upgrading and repurposing their processes to facilitate biomethane production and gas grid injection. We also urge anyone who is keen to supply waste feedstock to Anaerobic Digestors to respond to this Request for Information.

Not every area of the NI Gas Network can easily accommodate large volumes of injected biomethane. The information gathered through this process will allow for the planning and development of Northern Ireland’s gas network to accommodate proposed biomethane volumes and deliver on the region’s green gas potential. This will enable NI gas consumers access to green energy, and ultimately support the decarbonisation of NI’s energy supply. Results will also be used by the NI GNO’s to inform development of biomethane policy and the regulatory framework in Northern Ireland.

To submit a response, please click on this Survey Monkey link and follow the steps to fill out the questions.

Responses in relation to this RFI must be received by 17:00 on Monday 20th May 2024. Please be reassured that personal data will not be shared beyond the 5 NI Gas Network Operators unless specifically authorised by the respondent.

Please note: If you are planning to respond and currently have more than one AD plant, we ask that you kindly fill out one form for each individual plant.

If you have any questions about the process/form/any issues, please contact Iain Hoy, Phoenix Energy at For more information on the purpose of this Request for Information and data confidentiality, please consult the information booklet here.

Thank you in advance for your input.

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