Safety & Environment

Safe working and safeguarding our customers

Environmental Impact

Phoenix Energy is committed to protecting and preserving the environment through a range of initiatives. We are proud of the environmental credentials inherent in our product, and across our business with our people we have worked to preserve and protect the local environment.

Responsibility in our product

Natural Gas has quickly become the fuel of choice within the areas it is available and one of the reasons for that is the environmental and energy efficiency benefits that come when householders make the switch to natural gas.

In the period from 1996 – 2021 there have been over 12 million tonnes of carbon dioxide prevented from entering the atmosphere through the use of natural gas as an alternative fuel source.

An additional 800,000 tonnes of CO2 are diverted from entering the atmosphere per annum as a consequence of our continued operation. This is equivalent to removing 375,000 cars from Northern Ireland’s roads each year.

Further information on the natural gas industry, and its potential to deliver lower carbon solutions can be found in the Natural Gas: Delivering a Lower Carbon Future Report

Responsibility in our work

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We seek to minimise the impact of our operations in the environment and alongside our construction partners identify key areas for focus in our works, including:

  • Fleet Management – We monitor and track driver journeys, planning routes for maximum efficiency
  • Business Delivery – We are working to reduce our use of paper through the introduction of electronic hardware to capture data and seeking new methods of mobile workforce management solutions that will allow us to remove the need for manual records.
  • Partners – We complete site specific environmental risk assessments as part of our construction and maintenance activities to minimise our impacts and reduce the risk of contamination to the natural environment. 
  • People – We operate a Bike to Work scheme for all employees and have installed a secure bike shelter to encourage employees to consider cycling to and from work.

Responsibility in our community

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We believe in helping our employees and communities to be environmentally responsible citizens and to offer innovative ways of to give back in all that we do.  Some recent examples of how we bring this to life include:

Environmental Action

Working with environmental charities and biodiversity organisations we provide helpful hands to make conservation work possible.  As well as helping organisations, it gives our employees and opportunity to get active in the outdoors and improve the environment around them.


Where possible, we seek to enhance areas we disrupt through our works.  When working in areas of outstanding natural beauty, such as those across East Down, we identify ways to give back through volunteering and work with local stakeholders to manage the impact of our works on the local environment.

Environmental Education

We work in partnership with a range of environmental partners to provide opportunities to engage and educate young people about the environment.  Through effective partnerships we educate young people in a fun way about all the benefits of nature and the role they can play in protecting and caring for our environment.