Network Reinforcement: City Centre and South Belfast, 2024

Road Reinforcement 2024

Phoenix Energy are carrying out essential planned reinforcement of our network in Belfast city centre and South Belfast. This is to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of our growing and existing customer base now, and into the future.  

On 7th May, work will commence in Belfast, in the Phase 1 area noted on the map below and will continue until the end of August 2024.  

We encourage you to keep up to date with progress and upcoming areas of work via this page to best inform your travel arrangements in this area, as timescales are subject to change.    

We have, and will continue to, engage with the Department for Infrastructure, public representatives, and members of the public to identify opportunities to continue minimising the impact on journey times.  

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during these essential planned works.

Phoenix Reinforcement city centre and South Belfast Phasing

Please note, all timescales are subject to change

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Phoenix Reinforcement city centre and South Belfast Phasing

To download maps and information on both road and lane closures of our Phases 1 - 4 of our works, please click the Download Now button. 

Please note, all timescales are subject to change.

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Phase 1

1.1) Alfred Street - Road Closure, 7th - 16th May

1.2) Hamilton Street - Road Closure 17th - 26th May

Phase 2

2.1) Dromara Street 27th May – 2nd June

2.2) Balfour Avenue to Hatfield Street, Road Closure, 3rd – 9th June

2.3) Balfour Ave (Hatfield to Cooke), Road Closure, 10th - 16th June

2.4) Cooke Street, Road Closure, 17th - 27th June

2.5) Ormeau Crossing, Lane Closure, 21st - 23rd June

Phase 3

3,1) Donegall Quay to Oxford Street, Lane Closure, 28th June - 14th July

3.2) Queens Bridge, Lane Closure, 28th - 20th July

3.3) Lanyon PLace Crossroads, Lane Closure, 20th - 21st July

3.3) East Bridge Street, Lane Closure, 15th - 28th July

3.4) East Bridge Street Crossing, Lane Closure, 15th - 16th July

3.5) Cromac Street Crossing, Lane Closure, 25th - 28th July

Phase 4

4.1) Ormeau Rd (Cooke Street to Ormeau Avenue), Lane Closure, 29th July - 18th August

4.2) Ormeau Bridge, Lane Closure, 1st August - 4th August

4.3) Gasworks Crossroads, Lane Closure and Road Closure, 10th - 11th August

4.4) Ormeau Ave, One Way Closure, 19th - 25th August