Staying connected during winter weather

Joint Utilities Launch Photo

Our annual Joint Utilities Campaign to help our customers prepare for winter is now underway! Together with NI Water, NIE and Openreach, we're here to offer guidance and emergency contact information to ensure a swift re-connection in case of any service disruptions. We’ll be sharing vital numbers and advice across our social media channels in the coming weeks.

Four of Northern Ireland’s top utility companies - NI Water, NIE Networks, Openreach and Phoenix Energy – are reminding the public of the ways to stay connected during the winter weather. 

Sara Venning, CEO NI Water, explains:

“We have all seen how quickly the weather can cause havoc and disruption to our daily lives.  Flooding and severe winds can devastate homes and businesses in a matter of hours.  While we cannot prevent adverse weather, we can try to prepare for it.  As utility providers we understand the importance of our services in enabling people to live and work. 

“The aim of this campaign is to give advice to customers on how to prepare for potential interruptions to water, broadband, gas or electricity.   It also highlights the ways customers can contact us if they do experience a disruption to supply. 

“The campaign is also an opportunity to raise awareness of the services we have for vulnerable customers; those who need a little extra support at any time of the year. We have special teams and resources in place to provide additional assistance where needed. 

“We all have dedicated, experienced staff working behind the scenes 24/7 to keep our networks operating.  If we do experience damage to our networks, our engineers will mobilise as soon as it is safe to do so to get our customers connected again as quickly as possible.”

To report any faults or in the case of any emergencies please contact:

  • NI Water: 03457 44 00 88 or visit
  • NIE Networks: 03457 643 643 or visit
  • Openreach: 08000 23 20 23 or visit Phoenix Energy: 03454 55 55 55 or visit 

For further information on the Joint Utilities Preparedness initiative please contact