Let’s Talk Home Energy Efficiency

Lets Talk Energy Efficiency Qa 2

A Q&A with Phoenix Energy’s Sales Manager – Neil McCracken

The cost of heating my home is a real worry, but I’m not sure what to do.

With everyone having to be more money savvy, there has never been a more important time to think about how you heat your home. That’s why we recommend booking an appointment with one of our trained Energy Advisors for a free Home Energy Audit.*

The audit will give you valuable advice on how to improve your home energy efficiency, including how to get the best out of your heating and hot water systems to save money.  

What sort of recommendations will the Phoenix Energy Advisor give?

The Energy Advisor will provide a broad range of information on how to improve your home’s energy efficiency. This will include; cost effective energy saving tips that you can implement easily and immediately, as well as insights on how improved loft and cavity wall insulation can support lower energy use in your home. The energy advisor will inform you of any grants available to help implement these energy efficient measures.

Given boilers play such an important role in heating homes, the advisor will also discuss with you how highly efficient gas boilers and controls can save energy and improve comfort levels for households.

But my boiler seems to be working ok.

You may think that, but just because it is working doesn’t mean it is performing as well as it can. Your boiler is the biggest consumer of energy in your home, so you need to ensure it is working efficiently. And don’t wait until it breaks, a 15 year old boiler can waste up to 30%** of your fuel, so upgrading it will really help reduce your running costs.  

What is involved in switching to gas heating? Is it a lot of hassle?

It really isn’t! The conversion is straightforward, with little to no change to your house’s plumbing, and it can be typically finished in 1 to 2 days - plus you get the space back in your garden when the oil tank is removed.

A-rated gas boilers are highly efficient which means they make better use of your fuel. They also bring other benefits such as; constant supply so you never run out, hot water on demand, and much better control over temperature and timer settings.  

But is a gas heating system environmentally friendly?

Gas is already a more environmentally friendly fuel than oil, with up to half the carbon emissions.*** And rest assured, we are future proofing!

We are working with local industry partners to reach Net Zero with the introduction of renewable gas solutions; Biomethane and Green Hydrogen. Our modern gas pipeline is already capable of carrying these type of gases, meaning that the network you connect to today will deliver zero carbon gas solutions in the very near future.  

Does it not cost a lot?

Connecting to the Phoenix network is free! But of course, as with any new boiler install, there are costs involved. However, your Energy Advisor will be able to advise you on any grant programmes and offers available that will help reduce costs. Plus, over time, the savings from a modern, highly efficient system

So what should I do next?

The best thing to do is to call us or go online to book an appointment with one of our friendly Energy Advisors, who will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Tel: 03454 55 55 55

Link: https://phoenixenergyni.com/get-connected/book-an-energy-advisor-appointment  

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*Only available to unconnected homes within the Phoenix licence area.

**Source Boiler Efficiency Explained: How to Lower Your Heating Bills | Boiler Guide

***Based on the 26% differential in carbon emissions between Heavy Fuel Oil and Natural Gas and assuming a further 30% saving through energy efficiency.