Top Class Carbon Savings at Killean PS

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Pupils at a Newry primary school have been making top class carbon savings as part of a national energy savings challenge set by the Energy Saving Trust, an independent organisation working to tackle the climate emergency.

Students at Killean Primary School came up with a number of simple ways to cut down their energy use, reducing their emissions by 738kg overall, showing that every small action helps make a big difference when it comes to energy savings.

Killean Primary School came second overall in the challenge and received a special tree planting and carbon information session from The Conservation Volunteers, sponsored by Phoenix Energy, as their prize.

The children will be digging in alongside The Conservation Volunteers team in September to plant a number of trees within the school grounds, helping to create an outdoor learning space for children for years to come.

The session is one of a number of carbon literacy and education sessions that The Conservation Volunteers are making available through their partnership with Phoenix Energy.

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Caption: Some of the pupils from Killean Primary School alongside Lynsey Dewitt, Energy Saving Trust, Dianne Keys, The Conservation Volunteers, Gillian Orr, Phoenix Energy and Philomena Cunningham, Killean Primary School.