Biomethane is a green, non-fossil source of energy, produced from biogas derived from organic matter (often from landfill, food waste or agricultural waste). Biomethane has a number of environmental benefits, the main one being that it repurposes methane from waste which would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.

Biomethane Journey
  • It’s proven – biomethane is already being injected into the gas infrastructure across Europe, GB and ROI and has been proven to work safely and effectively without any impact for consumers.
  • No consumer disruption - as biomethane can blend with natural gas there is no need for change to consumer appliances or energy behaviour.
  • Circular benefit – as well as providing a greener solution for home heating, re-purposing biomethane from agricultural waste also helps lower carbon emissions from the agricultural sector, enabling farmers to diversify and make best use of their agricultural waste. 
  • Local availability – given Northern Ireland’s strong agricultural sector there is a readily accessible source of waste to be re-purposed.