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Today, the company owns and operates the largest natural gas distribution network locally, providing gas availability to over 350,000 properties, with over 250,000 customers connected to the network.  

While perhaps best known for its associated lifestyle and convenience benefits, consumers are increasingly connecting to the gas network for efficiency and environmental reasons, with natural gas being up to 50% less carbon polluting than traditional home heating fuel choices.* In fact, thanks to natural gas users in Northern Ireland, 12m tonnes of cumulative CO2 has been avoided from entering the atmosphere. That’s the equivalent of taking 375,000 cars off our roads every year.

Phoenix is actively working with industry partners to provide low carbon energy solutions to gas users, enabling them to continue enjoying all the flexibility of gas with minimum disruption, by using its existing infrastructure to deliver renewable gas solutions such as biomethane and hydrogen as it plays a key role in the supporting a net-zero carbon future by 2050.

With a gas network that extends across nearly 4,000km, Phoenix is responsible for the development and maintenance of its network as well as a 24/7 operation and transportation platform for natural gas suppliers and consumers across its licence area which encompasses Greater Belfast, Larne and East Down.

Having invested over £500m into the local economy, the wider natural gas industry extends to installers, manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers and provides employment to over 2,500 people locally.

Phoenix is regulated under licence by the Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation and operates under a framework similar to other UK regulated entities which includes regular price control review and compliance with a range of licence obligations.

*Based on carbon savings associated with the installation of natural gas and the displacement of existing fuel type, coupled with efficiency gains assumed on the installation of a high efficiency gas boiler and associated highly efficient heating controls.

Phoenix Energy Services

A specialist provider of downstream services into the Northern Ireland energy market, 'Phoenix Energy Services' remit includes the provision of a 24/7 emergency response, asset maintenance and metering service to the Group’s distribution business within its licence area in Greater Belfast, Larne, Whitehead and East Down.

In addition, the company delivers a range of other services to energy users on a demand and contract basis.