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No Regret Actions Today - The 5 Commitments

Northern Ireland's Gas Network Operators announced 5 near-term commitments to support the sustainable introduction of renewable gases in Northern Ireland. 

The delivery of these commitments will lead to a step-change in the decarbonisation of Northern Ireland's homes, businesses, and wider energy system. 


Rebranded from 'Phoenix Natrual Gas' to Phoenix Energy'

In May 2023 we rebranded to Phoenix Energy to reflect our plans to transition from natrual gas to renewable gas solutions, such as hydrogen and biomethane.


Pathway to Net Zero Released

Northern Ireland’s five Gas Network Operators launched their joint plan to fully decarbonise the region’s gas network by 2050.

The Pathway to Net-Zero charts out how the gas network will transition from natural gas to renewable alternatives such as Biomethane and Hydrogen to support Northern Ireland’s net zero energy strategy.


Greater Belfast Infill.

Phoenix granted additional investment in infrastructure to make natural gas available to a further 10,600 properties across the Greater Belfast area.


Launch of Natural Gas: Delivering a lower carbon future Report outlining the opportunity available for the natural gas industry and infrastructure to deliver lower carbon solutions.


Whitehead Extension.  
Phoenix granted a pipeline extension to make gas available to the town of Whitehead, making natural gas available to a further 2,250 domestic and commerical consumers.


East Down License Extension granted.  
Phoenix granted a licence extension to make gas available to 13 new populated areas including the five largest towns not already serviced by gas licences, making gas available to a further c.27,000 properties.


Purchase of Phoenix Energy Holdings Ltd equally by Utilities Trust of Australia and the NatWest Group Pension Fund (formerly the Royal Bank of Scotland Pension Fund).

UTA and NatWest secured the purchase of Phoenix Energy Holdings Ltd.


Sale of Supply Divisions. 
Phoenix completed the sale of its supply arms Phoenix Supply Limited and Phoenix Energy Limited to SSE plc/Airtricity on 22nd June 2012.


Issue of £275m of Bonds due 2017 at rate of 5.5% by Phoenix Natural Gas Finance plc, guaranteed by Phoenix Natural Gas Limited and Phoenix Distribution Holdings Limited, with the proceeds being used as part of a restructuring process to refinance Group activities. These Bonds received a rating of Baa2 by Moody’s and BBB+ by Fitch.

Phoenix extends its supply operations into the Republic of Ireland as its new subsidiary Phoenix Energy Limited commences trading.


Separation of Phoenix Natural Gas. 
On 1st January 2008 Phoenix completed the separation of its distribution division from that of transmission.

Sale of Transmission Division. 
Phoenix completed the sale of its transmission assets to Northern Ireland Energy Holdings (NIEH) on 31st March 2008.


Separation of Phoenix Supply Division. 
In line with the requirements of the Second EU Gas Directive 2003/55/EC, Phoenix legally separated its gas trading and supply division from its transmission and distribution business on 1st January 2007.


Purchase of ESH plc by Terra Firma. 
Through its Kellen vehicle, Terra Firma secured the purchase of East Surrey Holdings plc by the end of 2005.


Sale of Sutton and East Surrey Water (SESW) plus subsidiaries. 
In spring, the sale of the SESW to Deutsche Bank was completed. In summer that same year, ESP (East Surrey Pipelines) was sold to ABN AMRO Infrastructure.


Purchase of remaining 75.5% stake by ESH plc. 
ESH raised the finance to complete a buy-out of other partners, becoming sole owner of Phoenix.


Purchase of a 24.5% stake in Phoenix by ESH plc. 
East Surrey Holdings (ESH) plc (a GB based water and gas utility) took a 24.5% in Phoenix reducing the BG holding to 51%.

Established Phoenix Energy Services Limited as a provider of downstream services into the Northern Ireland energy market.


Purchase of a 24.5% stake in Phoenix by Keyspan. 

February marked an Anglo- American link-up, with the owners of The Brooklyn Union Gas Company.


Launch of Phoenix Natural Gas by British Gas plc in September at the time of its launch, the Phoenix development was one of the largest ‘greenfield’ private sector-led integrated gas transmission, distribution and supply investments in the world. This first year saw a licence being granted, construction commencing and the first customer connected.